January 2016

Sunday Night - January 2016
Sunday Night – January 2016

This month was busy with our school’s winter camp, special guests from America, and regular meetings. Several visitors have come ready to believe our Friend, and He has done big miracles in the lives and homes of our Chinese friends! Here are a couple of stories from last week:

A Day of Firsts!

On a recent Sunday afternoon, a lady visited our meeting from a nearby city. We asked if she was a believer, and she said her family was. Upon checking further, we discovered she had never even heard the Good News! Danielle shared with her and she chose to believe and be saved! This lady, an English teacher named Joy, later said that trip was her first time to drive on the highway. In one day she had her first highway drive and her first chance to hear the Good News!

Do Your Homework!

Last Sunday, two of the three messages were about Paul’s habit of using his testimony to share the Good News. (Acts 22 and 26) The “homework” I gave was to use our testimonies to share the Good News. On Thursday, our Friend gave a great opportunity to tell a few students a story. The story was about how I believed our Friend. The students listened closely, and I was able to do my homework and share the Good News with them!

Please práy:

  • For those who still need to be “washed”.
  • For weekly meetings.
  • For witnessing opportunities.
  • For our Father to send forth laborers.

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