March 2016

We are praising our Father for two ladies who chose to be “washed” a couple of weeks ago. Fanny had told us the week before that she wanted to be “washed.” While Fanny was getting ready, another lady, Carol, was deciding if she would “obey” or “wait.” In the end, our Father led her to obey. Please práy for both of their husbands to believe!

Ezekiel and Isaiah helped color verses to put with Easter cookies Danielle made. It was fun to watch them excitedly giving out these cookies and telling people, “Gôd loves you! Happy Resurrection Day!”

Last Monday, we were returning from Shanghai with Ezekiel’s new passport. After a long day, I did not feel like doing anything but sleeping. For the last leg of our journey, we took a 30-minute taxi ride to our house. I casually talked to the driver, but Ezekiel wanted to know if he was a believer. I proceeded to ask, and, as it turned out, he was not. I began to share the Good News, half expecting him to show no interest or change the subject, as many taxi drivers do. A few minutes later, as I shared my story, I realized that he was still listening carefully. I asked him if he wanted to believe, and he said that he did! As we neared our house, the driver and I práyed together. I was able to give him the “Book” that I was carrying as well. I am thankful that our Father used Ezekiel to encourage me to open my mouth! I am also thankful for our Father’s willingness to use us!

We are very thankful for your giving and práying! Every gift, dollar, and práyer is appreciated and shows us that we are very loved by our Father and by you. Please continue to práy for us and for our Father’s work in China!

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